SDIA carries skates from Bauer and Graf in all sizes and levels to accommodate every type of skater and foot shape.

For 2014, we have the newly released Bauer Supreme One.9, One.8 and the price affordable One.4 in stock as well as the Vapor line. Nexus products arrive in May!

In Graf we have the 703, 705, Ultra G3 and Ultra G5. Looking for something else? We can contact the company direct and order it for you! Come on in to get professionally fitted today!





We have a variety of sticks from Bauer, Warrior and Graf. From the high end Warrior Widow, Bauer Supreme TotalOne and Vapor APX to the more price affordable Bauer X 4.0 and Warrior Bentley, we have everything in between! Come check out our selection!



Get suited up and ready for hockey! We can get you outfitted from head to toe - From helmets and shoulder pads to elbows, shins, gloves and pants, we have it all. Besides the primary protective equipment, we carry jocks, garter belts, suspenders, tape and everything in between to get you out on the ice in style!



Look fresh when you come to the rink with all the latest t-shirts, jackets and hats. From more casual looks to the edgier designs from Bauer, Warrior and the latest Sauce Hockey apparel we have it all. Stay posted for updates on all the newest threads and latest designs!